The Academy At Cateechee



The Golfzon Leadbetter Academy at Cateechee is proud to recognize Senior Instructor and Academy Director, Andrew Oliphant as our leader in golf instruction. From the large undulating putting green, short game pitching area, greenside and fairway bunkers that shoulder a 350 yard double ended grass tee range, Cateechee offers the perfect location to develop every aspect of your golf game. The Academy boasts a covered hitting studio equipped with the latest technology allowing players to train year round. Academy memberships can be purchased individually or as an enhancement to your standing Cateechee membership.

The Academy Shop

Training Aids can be found in the academy shop and are an essential part of taking your new found skills and developing repetitions to you own practice time. The Academy is the one stop shop for picking out that Training-Aid that will make your practice time productive and fun.

One of the primary goals of golf lessons is to help students develop a more consistent and effective swing. This may involve breaking down the swing into its component parts, analyzing swing flaws, and providing specific drills and feedback to help students make adjustments.

Our desire is to help students improve their short game skills, including putting, chipping, and pitching. This involve teaching specific techniques, such as reading greens, controlling distance, and making solid contact with the ball.

Golf can be a mentally challenging game, and many players struggle with nerves, distractions, and negative self-talk. Helping students develop mental toughness can be an important goal of golf lessons. This may involve teaching mindfulness techniques, visualization exercises, and strategies for staying focused and positive on the course.

When Technology Meets Passion

Whether you need fit for the latest driver or need to understand more about your swing characteristics Trackman is an essential piece of equipment used here at Golfzon Leadbetter Academy Cateechee.

Trackman launch monitor gives you all the data you need.  With incredible accuracy Trackman leaves no assumptions, no guesses as the technology provides the greatest accuracy on club and ball at impact and through its flight. 

Cateechee is a licensed AimPoint location providing you with the correct information and how to utilize this green reading method via individual lessons or group clinics conducted throughout the year.  

With over 65 professional tour Wins, AimPoint is simply the best green reading system in the World.  If you are having difficulty reading the green and can’t seem to commit to the line you see, AimPoint green reading system will offer you clarity in your approach to green reading.  The method is simple, easy to learn and can be utilized by players of all levels.  

140 Cateechee Trail

hartwell, GA 30643